Implementacija elektronske pisarnice u JP EPS

Prezentacija se sastoji od tri celine: Primeri do sada implementiranih rešenja za elektronsko upravljanje dokumentacijom, uz korišćenje Oracle tehnologija; Odabrane funkcionalnosti elektronske pisarnice JP EPS; Odabrana tehnička rešenja u realizaciji elektronske pisarnice JP EPS.   Akcenat prezentacije je stavljen na poslovne probleme koji su rešeni u dosadašnjim implementacijama, kao i na iskustva stečena tom prilikom. […]

APEX + Google Maps + Insurance

U današnje vreme, Google servisi su postali skoro nezaobilazni u različitim poslovnim oblastima. Svakako, najviše korišćena je Google Maps platforma. Na ovom predavanju će učesnici biti upoznati sa integracijom Oracle Apex aplikacija i Google Maps platforme. Biće predstavljen postupak za kreiranje Google mapa u samim aplikacijama kao i korišćenje određenih Google Maps servisa koji su sastavni deo Google Maps JavaScript […]

Google Apps Integration in Apex

Google Apps is a great platform for your everyday activities. Using a few techniques, you’ll have the full potential at your disposal to use within your APEX application. This presentation will cover logging in using a Google account, storing data in the Google Drive and Calendar, and reading and writing email. Attendees will get a […]

Validating User input in Apex

Apex offers several ways to validate user input. This session shows ways to do just that bit extra to make your application fool proof yet keeping it user friendly. After the session you’ll know how to do server side validation, database validation and client-side validation. 1. Apex validations 2. Database constraints and validations 3. Client […]

Structuring an APEX application

Creating beautiful applications with APEX is easy, especially after the introduction of Universal Theme. It is easy to follow the wizards and drop SQL and PL/SQL all over the place in your application thereby creating a maintenance nightmare. When a table is changed, which pages are affected? How can you easily find out? Getting the […]

Ten Commandments in UI design for Apex developers

Not every Apex project has the luxury of having a UI-designer. Often your end user will ask you to adjust the appearance of elements that are created out of the box by Apex. So many times you’re forced to get creative on your own UI-skills. Or even worse: you have to create your own components…. […]

Introduction to Web-Accessibility

According to the World Health Organization, there are 285 million people worldwide who, due to some disability (e.g. they are suffering with low vision) cannot read all content on a website / web-application. That’s 4% percent of the world’s population! Also, consider that many people expect to work and / or use web technology well […]

APEX Shared Components

Ako idemo u dokumentaciju proveriti šta su Shared Components, nalazimo sledeću definiciju: “Shared components can display or be applied on any page within an application.” Ali kada se zapravo prijavimo u APEX i pogledamo Shared Components, možemo primetiti da ova definicija samo u određenoj (maloj) mjeri opisuje realno stanje. Shared Components podeljene su u više […]