How to deliver a successful business intelligence projects.

When  an organization established a system of business intelligence, it has got a system to review and analyse the data. Data is regularly loaded and integrated in the system and data cleansing is established. Technically the project is completed, however BI system is successful only if it serves to business users. Which is not always the case – the system uses a narrow range of users, the functionality of advanced tools is not fully utilized. A good business intelligence system should provide the right information to the right business users at the right time.

How to deliver a successful business intelligence projects it is not just a project management, implementation methodology, tools and processes. This is important but it is not a guarantee for a success. Business Intelligence projects are business projects and  the most important success factor is involvement from the business, either at the executive or subject matter expert level or even better both.

One of the most important success factors is quality of data. Organisation has to understand what data from internal and external resources they have what data it is important for their project. Not all data is equally important for different business users, presenting the right data to the right user at the right time makes a big difference.

Modern organisations are data driven. Data is a new raw material of our age. Organizations have huge amount of data and BI projects should help business people to explore and use this data to do better business and to create more added value

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